Company Profile

Company Name ASAHI AGRIA CO., LTD.
Head Office Daiwa Higashi-Ikebukuro Building, 23-5, Higashi-Ikebukuro 3-chome, Toshima-ku, Tokyo170-0013
TEL+81 3 3987 2163
Founded August 16, 1935
Established April 1, 2020
Common stock 303,000,000 yen (JPY)
Number of employees  189   (As of April 1, 2020)
Field of business ①Production and sales of organic and inorganic fertilizers for farms and
   home gardens
②R&D for vegetable varieties and production and sales of vegetable seeds
③Import and distribution of hay


Supporting food safety and security.

Succeeding in specialty sectors.


The only fertilizer manufacturer in Japan that deals with both seeds and hay.
We are collaborating with Japanese and overseas research institutions and Japanese government agencies to achieve sustainable agriculture, working towards low-energy agricultural practices and making the best possible use of as-yet untapped resources.

Fertilizer Business

Our production facilities in Saitama, Chiba and Shiga take into account environmental concerns such as odor, wastewater and gas emissions, and it is from here that we manufacture fertilizers for a wide range of users, from farmers through to gardeners.

We have developed a wide range of organic fertilizers with a focus on safety, convenience and the environment. Our principal products are granular fertilizers produced from materials such as livestock manure using our own granulation technology, and we also offer micro-organic materials, soil conditioners and liquid fertilizers throughout Japan.

Seed Business

Both in Japan and overseas, we sell seeds for vegetable varieties that we have developed specically with disease resistance, high yields and ease of cultivation in mind.

We have channeled our efforts into R&D and sales strategies for products with predicted demand growth, enhancing our marketing to overseas markets for squash and rootstock in particular.

Hay Business

Through business operations in our Australian afliate Johnson Asahi Pty Ltd., we provide a stable supply of high-quality hay to Japan’s dairy and cattle farmers.

The grass varieties produced by Johnson Asahi under strict traceability and quality controls feature high sugar content and excellent palatability, making them especially popular in the summer months when cattle tend to have reduced appetites.